Party Girl? Not so much...

I am so NOT a party girl. I wish the new year began at about 9 PM because that's when I was ready for bed last night. I managed to stay awake through sheer willpower and not wanting to disappoint someone who means the whole world to me.

This someone planned a lovely meal for the two of us: beautiful spinach salad, steak, asparagus, special potatoes and champagne. Loved the champagne but after the second glass I just wanted to curl up on the couch and fall asleep. See, NOT a party girl.

About 10 years ago we "did" one of those New Year's packages that included dinner and dancing at a hotel and a room for the night. The hotel room was the really important part because we didn't have to face a long drive home after an evening of eating and drinking - something guaranteed to make us a statistic. It was so much fun to dress up, wear party hats and do the big countdown at midnight with a big group of happy people. I wouldn't want to do it every year because then it wouldn't be special, but I had always wanted to spend New Year's Eve at the sort of place you see on TV: big crowd, great music, everyone looking like they're having a great time. So one year we did it even though it was ridiculously expensive and it was everything I'd imagined.

RW, on the other hand, really enjoys being at home. He hates being out on "amateur night". Now that he's discovered cooking he enjoys the process even more. Such a quiet evening is almost TOO quiet for me after I've worked all day. There's nothing like a big meal with alcohol followed by a Marx Brothers movie to ensure that I'll be sound asleep before midnight. I really need an afternoon nap if I'm going to stay up past 10 or 11. Maybe next year I'll take New Year's Eve off so I can be ready because after all the work that RW goes through to make the night special I feel like an ungrateful bitch when I start dozing off before midnight.

I hope your New Year's Eve ended with a kiss with someone you loved. Mine did. I suppose the venue isn't so important - it's the people you're with that really count.


Dave2 said...

The only thing missing to make it the perfect evening would be me showing up with with a stack of Metallica CDs. Sorry about that... I'll try to make it next year.

Until then, happiest of New Year's to you! :-)

Avitable said...

Aww, I was hoping for a kiss from RW, too!

Happy 2008!

Anonymous said...

I hope you don't mind, but I wanted to pop over here to see how RW's dinner worked out. It sounded incredible!

Don't feel badly about being sleepy so early. I felt the same but had to hang in there until the entire gang I was driving home that night was ready to go home--at 4 AM!

No kidding, the coffee I set up before we left the house (auto-set to turn on @ 4 AM when I normally get out of bed) was brewing when we walked in the door.

I'd been through a long, hard day at work and an all-nighter. When we finally made it to bed, I was almost too tired to sleep.

At least I wasn't the one sporting a massive hangover yesterday. Hehe!

Mrs RW said...

I've decided that the only way I can stay up 'til midnight AND enjoy New Year's Eve is if I take the day off (or at least 1/2 day) so that I can take a nap beforehand.

Gosh, getting old really sucks sometimes...

Anonymous said...

Because New Year's Eve is one of our biggest nights of the year (I work for a popular family dining/ fine dining/ banquet/ catering business), there's no way I can take the day off. However, I did manage to take New Year's Day off.

Good thing-- I really needed it.

Getting old does kinda suck sometimes. On the other hand, now we get to be grandmas! That's always a bonus! :)