It's beginning to look a lot like - - - NOT Christmas yet!

It's started. You know what I mean: when your regularly scheduled program leaves to take a "station break" you're no longer seeing commercials for dish soap or for erectile dysfunction miracles, they're all about the...CHRISTMAS SHOPPING! Start now! On sale! No time to waste!

Yesterday RW came charging out of the family room emitting a feral noise that sounded something like "ARGH". Not a happy sound. In his world Christmas isn't thought of or considered until the day after Thanksgiving. Why? Because that's the way it is in RW World.
But in Mrs RW's world the first commercial for Christmas shopping is like the starting gun going off at the beginning of the race: we're off! I call up the kids and ask for requests. By kids I mean those 30-somethings that are crushed if there's no stocking hanging up at our house even though they hang up their own at THEIR house. Then I hit the internet running - or I guess typing (for you anal-retentive types).

The beauty of internet shopping (besides being open 24/7 with no parking problems) is that "Internet" always know where to find something. No going to stores that are "out of stock" even though the ad came out that day. If one e-store doesn't have it, 10 others do. The other night I completed about 75% of my Christmas shopping over the span of a few hours while watching TV (Me TV, to be precise). Nothing like watching my old childhood favorites to really get me in the mood to think like a kid. Those old sitcoms really bring back my childhood: Leave it to Beaver, Dennis the Menace, Father Knows Best. Ahhh, the memories!

As a nod to RW's sensibilities, I will wait until after Thanksgiving to shop for his present. None of that Christmas in October nonsense for him, no sir. Of course that might mean that he gets a Salad Shooter, but hey! It's the thought that counts.


Miss Britt said...

I usually do 75% or more of my shopping on Black Friday. I love that day. Loooooooove it.

But this year I think I'll be forced to do most of it online. :-(

RW said...

All I mean to say is, when it comes up before Thanksgiving, by Christmas Day everybody is sick of the frikkin thing. It's watered-down and stops being special by day 40.