It isn't often that you get the chance to reflect on life, and by that I mean really see it as an observer. This past weekend I took part in events celebrating the achievements of 2 generations. Saturday was Princess Granddaughter's (P-G) first dance recital. It brought tears to my eyes. A silly thing to cry over, really, but while I watched P-G swaying and bobbing all I could think about was how fast the years had passed since I last sat in that same auditorium watching my daughters performing with their dance classes. I cried for all the moments I didn't fully appreciate, the little things I can't now remember, and the wonder that I was watching it all again in another generation.

Then the very next day I was again in the audience. My oldest daughter was receiving her Bachelor's degree from DeVry University. She was graduating Magna Cum Laude. The pursuit of this degree began several years ago when she was still single. During this time she changed jobs, married, had a baby, bought a house, and took on MAJOR debt to pay for her education. How she managed to do this without cracking up is beyond me. Oh, I (we) helped. Many is the time we babysat at the last minute so she could study for a test, do her homework, meet with her Senior Project group. But she did it all herself. To say I'm proud is the veriest understatement.

More and more I find myself reminding myself to live for today, to appreciate the details of an event. They flash by so quickly and then they're gone. That's probably why I love photographs so much. They have the ability to transport me back to an instant that my memory has blurred with the passing of time.

P-G, who is almost 4, often asks me to tell her about things she did "when she was a baby". I think , even in her 4-year-old mind, she realizes that remembering life's events is a lovely thing to do and it connects her to everyone she loves. I hope she carries that with her forever. She is the generation now unfolding.


Avitable said...

Magna Cum Laude? That's awesome!

Carlton said...

Mrs RW, I know exactly how you feel. Scarlett is fourteen months old already and transforming from a baby into a little girl by the day, It's good to be reminded how precious each day is!


Diana said...

Magna Cum Laude -- that is fabulous! It's amazing what can be accomplished when we truly want something.

I remember my sisters and I always pestering my Gramps to show us the movies he took of us every holiday. They still replay in my mind. They are my early childhood memories -- the best ones.

BeeHappy Laurence said...

You don't write too much... But when you write, it's always a very emotional moment ! I love it !

Kiss to all your family !