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Do you ever wonder what life would be like without certain conveniences? I don't spend a lot of time thinking about it, but now, especially at the holidays I am constantly in pursuit of the organized life. I never get there, but certain inventions same me time, save me work, and sometimes, my sanity! One of my fantasies would be to win the services of a professional organizer and unlimited products from The Container Store. Does anyone but me have a junk drawer in every room of the house?

There are things I use everyday and sometimes I wonder how I did things without them. Here's my list; it's certainly not all-inclusive, but contains things I absolutely LOVE!

  1. Mr. Clean sponges - they clean everything. I don't know how, but I can't live without them.
  2. Slice and bake cookies (see previous post about enjoying the imperfect Christmas)
  3. Portable pocket computer mouse with retractable cord - I have to drag around a laptop at work and work in many different applications. This has saved my arthritic hand.
  4. Swiffer Sweep&Vac - if you have any kind of animal that sheds, buy this!
  5. Heated seats in my car. If you live in a cold winter climate you'll totally get this one.
  6. Programmable coffee maker - nothing beats getting up to the taste and aroma of fresh coffee
  7. Antiseptic hand gel - when you work in a hospital your hands would fall off if you used soap and water all the time
  8. An ATM card - have card, money available
  9. Computers - too many reasons why to list
  10. Microwave - at Christmas it allows me to have most of the food hot at the same time
  11. TV remote control - I can work on the computer and change channels at the same time
  12. Toaster oven - Unless it's a big dinner or I'm making cookies I never use the "big" oven anymore

What can't you live without and why? I'm always on the lookout for time and energy savers.

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Laurence said...

Your list is perfect. I just add one thing : INTERNET (wifi). Too many reasons but I want to mention the fact that I would not know you if there were not Internet... ;-)